The Press

A few drawings from The Press cafe & bar in Shanghai. I like their interior design in the historical newspaper building.

Inside Llewyn Davis study

drawing while watching Inside Llewyn Davis over a week ago.


Hattifattener and Moomin - Moleskine cover

New Moleskine Cahier cover. Moomin is awesome!! 
White Gouache and Black Poster Paint. 
Originally bought the poster paint for a small gig here in Shanghai.


First week in Shanghai

Some rough sketches from my first week in Shanghai. For the time being, I'm doing a residency here.

I started using my instagram for more frequent posting.


Sketch Dump - Salatiga, Siem Reap, Singapore

Comp studies inspired by the nature in Salatiga and Ketep, Central Java.

At Beng Mealea temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Didn't get to sketch much in Siem Reap with the mental heat and dust, instead biked and tried to make the best out of the very rare siblings reunion trip.

Some sketches at Singapore - Botanic Garden, different malls and street corners.

Wish I sketched more :/