Wilderness Exploring weekend

Sketches that I got to sneak in over the wilderness weekend. It was epic fun and peaceful, plus with the perfect companions. Literally breathtaking at some parts.
My terrible drawings seriously are so not doing any justice of the magnificent beauty of the nature.


06/21 - 06/24

Beautiful Alamo Square in SF

Awful gesture scribbles while watching USA vs Portugal

Metro Red Line and LAX

and good deal car wash place in Burbank. 



Mojave and birthday card

One sunny warm Sunday afternoon, my super good friend and I were on our way back home from our great weekend adventure and passing through Mojave, CA. 

We saw something that was very amusing on the sidewalk right on the US-14.

Several mannequins, lower torso only, wearing different panties were displayed. I asked my dear friend to stop her car a bit so I could take a photo of her standing in between those since they had space. Occasionally she could be not cool and refused my brilliant idea. 

To make it up, I made this for her birthday present wrapper last week with her in her outfit on that day.

I didn't dare to go all the way super curvy sexy, afraid if she would be upset at me! :p