First week in Shanghai

Some rough sketches from my first week in Shanghai. For the time being, I'm doing a residency here.

I started using my instagram for more frequent posting.


Sketch Dump - Salatiga, Siem Reap, Singapore

Comp studies inspired by the nature in Salatiga and Ketep, Central Java.

At Beng Mealea temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Didn't get to sketch much in Siem Reap with the mental heat and dust, instead biked and tried to make the best out of the very rare siblings reunion trip.

Some sketches at Singapore - Botanic Garden, different malls and street corners.

Wish I sketched more :/ 



Finally managed to sketch outside a bit - while waiting for my brother to get his haircut and the other time, waiting for my mom to be done with her meeting.


Looking at River Sava

Went to check out Kalemegdan yesterday while the day was beautifully sunny :) and snow hasn't all completely melted yet.
It is also beautiful at night.


Late Post - Bristol City Centre

These were actually from the same afternoon as the previous post - didn't get to post until now. Have left the beautiful Bristol for now :)