Sunday Afternoon Chilling

This one was inspired by our "Spy Game" with the taxi drivers as we arrived in Casablanca couple days ago.

some idea I'm developing:


Bristol Feb - March 2016

Had an amazing one month in Bristol! 
Many thanks to my employer - very exciting project :) and thank you for getting me back in beautiful Bristol!

Below are some of my banana doodles and sketches I did while enjoying my time back in England.

Morning doodle:

Lunch sketches:

Some weekend sketches:

digital doodle attempt version:

waiting for train:

Clifton village:

 I have been posting on Instagram due to now I live out of a suitcase and can't have permanent workspace at all. 
Now it's been a week since I arrived in Morocco! Hope to get more sketching going, more than this one!


"banana girl" + Shanghai sketches

I left Shanghai and Swatch Art Residency yesterday.
Following tradition, I had an open studio/goodbye-to-community-get-together. 

At first I was deeply hesitated and full of doubts but fellow artist in residence, Aki and Leticia encouraged me to just do it! Aki also kindly helped me set up and carved the watermelons for watermelon soju. We also made Thai iced tea with tea imported from Bangkok by me.

The framed artwork that is my residency trace was on display:

some close ups:

I let people flipped through my 4 sketchbooks that were done during the residency. 
Some of these pages got some tone dropped in Photoshop:

Few pages that were done a week ago:

some of the sketchbook drawings that didn't make it to the final piece and "Banal Shanghai" zine/booklet:

A small group of ladies dancing:

Thank you, Swatch family, Shanghai and China!!


banal Shanghai

Made a simple booklet to showcase some of my drawings done on-site in Shanghai, "banal Shanghai"

Also made another one with the sketches from Bangkok. 
Below is quick composition scribbles done while on the bullet train ride Shanghai-Huangshan.